J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

  Songs for Middle-earth IIAn atmospheric playlist for those who might yet shape the fortunes of all, for fairest and wisest and the grey-eyed men. Music for the end of all things and the red sun rising and a land where love is now mingled with grief. Melodies for fellowships and companies and last alliances that might rise up and go forth and fear no darkness. {click crown for link to 8tracks}



Lord of the Rings | Greek Mythology AU (requested by warmcupsofcoffee)

Aragorn | Apollo (God of healing, music, and poetry)
Arwen | Artemis (Goddess of the hunt)
Boromir | Ares (God of war)
Legolas | Aletheia (Spirit of truth and sincerity)
Éomer | Poseidon (Tamer of horses)
Éowyn | Athena (Goddess of wisdom and warfare)
The Hobbits | Hermes (God of travelers and border crossings)
Gimli | Hephaestus (God of fire and metalworking)
Gandalf | Coeus (Titan of the north, wisdom, and farsight)
Faramir | Hyperion (Titan of watchfulness, wisdom, and light)


minimalist lotr
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In his heart, Frodo begins to understand. The quest will claim his life.