Corseriere: Charlotte Davis

ooh, love these


— Theodore Roethke

between the dawn and the dusk
you were made of miracles
and you can run all you want
but in the light of the moon
the wolves will always call you back

Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2013

♔ Bran as King in the North for londongrayskies
Our land protects it’s own



“There are no bargains between lions and men. I will kill you and eat you raw.”

The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller (via itsabook)

Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, A. Graefle, detail (1864)


Four days ago, one of the king’s own squires had succumbed to cold and hunger, a boy named Bryen Farring who’d been kin to Ser Godry. Stannis Baratheon stood grim-faced by the funeral pyre as the lad’s body was consigned to the flames. Afterward the king had retreated to his watchtower. He had not emerged since … though from time to time His Grace was glimpsed upon the tower roof, outlined against the beacon fire that burned there night and day. Talking to the red god, some said. Calling out for Lady Melisandre, insisted others. Either way, it seemed to Asha Greyjoy, the king was lost and crying out for help.
- A Dance with Dragons 

forever one of my favorite images from the books.

also for that anon who asked for stannis in adwd, here’s your proper drawing, i suppose.

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